“Creativity helps reframe our humanity”.

UPDATE: Deadline extended until 18th July.

Having created the Newport Photomarathon and developed Sofa Share Wales with Justin Cliffe. The All Wales Digital Photomarathon is made possible because of its inspirations and supporters. These folks will be discussed further and shared every Thursday at 6pm on Sofa Share Wales thanks to the Camera Centre UK, The Royal Photographic Society, Minuteman Press

Once you are signed up. The task is to meditate. Upon each word search its context and the meaning you decide to give it and the approach you choose to take. That moment you snap is your gift, prize it. Once you are signed up just begin shooting. Actually you dont need to sign up to shoot! When this is all over and quarantine is lifted those that have signed up will have their photos printed in a sharing together! We will meet again and rejoice in what we experienced. Its that simple.

The rules are:
1. You must shoot digital (hence the name)
2. Keep it legal and safe for public exhibition (Do it in your household and block out sensitive or damaging information).
3. Edit and take as much time as you want. You can ONLY submit only image 1 per topic. Once submitted nothing else can be for that topic.
4. Deadline: 30th May. Otherwise when quarantine is lifted (We will announce this as soon as .GOV do. Here we give more details.


Ample= llawer o

Bed = gwely

Colonise = cytrefu

Deconstruct = dadadeiladu

Eat = bwyta

Fragile = bregus

Grow = tyfu

Hear me = clywed fi

Invisible = anweledig

Joke = jôc

Liquid = hylif

Make = creu

Nutrient = maethol

Orbit = cylchu

Pressure = pwysau

Rough = garw

Solo = unigol

Target = targed

Undivided = heb eu rannu

Warmth = cynnes

Yard = iard

We will meet again!

(nes i ni gwrdd eto!)

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