The Rules!

Dont we just love rules…

This is a slower and more methodical Photomarathon. You have the entirety of the quarantine to submit your images.

The rules are:
1. You must shoot digital (hence the name)
2. Keep it legal and safe for public exhibition (Do it in your household/property and block out sensitive or damaging information).
3. Edit and take as much time as you want per topic. Meditate, this one is slower. Submit ONLY 1 image per topic. One the dropbox is open you can not resubmit. Make it count. Take your time.
4. Deadline: When quarantine is lifted. We have set that to be the end of May but it might happen sooner or after. (We will announce this as soon as .GOV do and give 24 hour notice) The upload link for exhibiting will be sent to folks that sign up (by Thursday 23rd April) Once you submit there is no going back. Why not keep shooting until the official deadline is announced to drop off? A dropbox link will be made available throughout the project to help encouraging you and supporting as many people to participate as possible

If you choose not to sign up you are welcome and encouraged to still shoot. Thursday 6pm on Sofa Share Wales we will chat and converse with you along the way.

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