Its a place for our community to gather and rejoice in what we can do…


Welcome to the sofa to sofa network!SOFA SHARE WALES·SATURDAY, 11 APRIL 2020·

“The human spirit was never meant to be locked down.” Said someone

A viral pandemic is amongst us, yes it reminds us of how vulnerable we truly are to things like this. It makes us question a lot about our priorities and community as well as brings concerns for the future with our friends and families…

Here at Sofa Share Wales. We know the creative spirit and mind knows no boundaries and can move faster than any of our bodies or dang virus. So we will share! We will chat! We will stream and share this weird moment together. Solidarity to all and especially to the creative minds of Wales.

We stream 3pm / 6pm / 9pm. Well you do! Yes you can apply and we will do out best to facilitate. The only thing we ask is that you are respectful of all viewers and that you bring kindness and threads of light to our dark times. Stay home, stay caring and stay creative. Thats all folks x Fez & Justin PS: We are creative practitioners that have 20 years of experience in community arts. We are makers, builders, brothers and fighters.

We have built this to help each other. DM us if you need to chat. Share the streams if you value them, support the streamer in deep solidarity if want to. We, yes we! The ones reading this are in this together. www.facebook.com/sofasharewales / https://twitter.com/sofasharewales / sofastagewales@gmail.com

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