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An alphabet of topics, during quarantine.

About Us


We started the Newport Photomarathon and now we are inside a new social pressure. We believe this is still a chance for reflection and creativity. This Photomarathon is very different however. The prize will be a chance to meet again in person. The prize will be an exploration of our collective creativity from within this new epoch . Sign up here for free! Lets get creative.


What People Say

A great test of your photography and imagination.

Jeffe H

A really fun and interesting event. The topics were interesting and made you think more about what you were photographing and how you wanted the image to look.

Owen E

A great way to hone your skills in a fun and interesting way

Andy P

Great event for all the family for anyone with an interest in photography and likes to use images to tell a story.

Rhys J

A great time being thoughtful, creative, outdoors and indoors. it’s fun, absorbing, different and inclusive and I can’t wait to see everyone’s photos at the exhibition!

Melanie F

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With the aim of helping as many people as possible, we always need to share the power of photography. Message us for press and graphics